When Cultures Clash

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You should be able to adequately respond to this in @ 1½ – 2 pp. – typed – 2x spaced. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.Consider: When norms of the culture in which people were raised violate the norms of their host society, what should the proper reaction be? Should the full extent of the law be applied in such cases or does culture trump the law? If not, how can we justify differing types of application? Be sure to respond specifically to the questions asked.Culture / Deviance Assignment When Cultures Clash Having decided that it was time to marry, a young Hmong refugee in Fresno, CA, named Kong Moua, went to a local college campus, along with some of his friends, and forced the girl he had selected as his mate to come to his house. He then had sex with her. According to Hmong culture, Kong Moua had performed zij poj niam, marriage by capture. Although his method of obtaining a marriage partner is not the only, or most frequent, way of marrying a traditional Hmong, neither is it a rare occurrence. Universal to the Hmong courtship concept is the idea that men appear strong, women resistant and virtuous. Kong Moua’s apparent sincerity presented a dilemma to the judge who heard his case. Under the U.S. legal system, Kong Moua had committed two crimes: kidnap and rape. Given Moua’s background, however, the judge felt uneasy simply applying U.S. law.

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