sport fan engagement and communication

Question 1
Overview of the engagement/communication observed, including the type of communications, frequency and other relevant/suitable summaries. This can be done using numeric/graphical data that categorizes communication. Your categories should be based on academic theory.
Guideline (thing to talk about in your response)
Overview of observed engagement / communication
Type of communications
Categories of communication – numeric and graphical data
Base on academic theory

Types of Communication Frequency
Advertisements (TV, social media, media) – to raise awareness of the game and reach out to people so they attend Constant, before the game and leading up to the event
Gameday sponsorships – on-field brand sponsors such as Hertz, Oak and KFC Constant
Use of crowd engagement tools – clappers, dance cam, flame torches (pyrotechnics) Constant and dependant on on-field events
Cheerleaders Constant and before, during and at halftime
Halftime events on field – driving cars around, junior rugby games, cash prize crowd games Halftime
Sponsorship of players (personal sponsorships) Before the game (player introductions) and if they score points
Sponsorship of the Bunker – KFC When used for on-field decisions
Sponsorship activations Before the game
Charity events – such as 50/50 raffles, raising money for Before the game
Child friendly activities – face painting, jumping castles Before and during the game
Betting agencies – portable and at the ground Constant


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